Tuesday 11 January 2011

Big cat sightings in Derbyshire

Big cat was prowling around my garden, claims pensioner
THREE sightings of big cats have been reported in Derbyshire since the new year.A pensioner said she saw a panther-like creature in her Mickleover garden twice while a motorist claimed she saw a big cat while driving down a country lane.And a dog-walker said he found a huge paw print in a Brailsford field.Sheila Noble, 83, said she first saw a big black cat in her garden on New Year's Day.
And Kim Williams reported seeing a similar creature seven miles away in Findern last week.The 50-year-old said she was driving down Findern Lane when she saw something come out of a hedge at the side of the road."I thought at first it was a big fox but then I noticed it was plain black," she said. "It ran straight across the road and into a field."And a man who asked not to be named said he spotted a big paw print in mud in a Brailsford field while walking his dog.He said: "I looked closer at it and was amazed at the size – it was about five inches wide. It was definitely too big to be a dog's paw."
Last year four big cat sightings were reported to Derbyshire police, compared to three in 2009, 2007, 2006 and 2005.

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