Monday 30 January 2012

more on the Michigan Bigfoot

Possible Michigan Bigfoot encounter?
In view of a recent interesting encounter  reported in the comments section (see below) I thought I would bring this article from November 2009 to people’s attention again.
dick2577 said...
I live in Fremont, MI and in the fall of 2008 west of town I was dressed all camo and deer hunting above a swamp. I was concealed in a small group of pines and had sprayed myself with raccoon urine to mask my smell. Just before dark I hadn't seen any deer so I decided to move to a spot about 100 feet from my location. As I turn to move, about 5 yards from me behind the bushes at the top of the hill I heard one hell of a scream/howl like I have never heard before. Then whatever it was went crashing down the hill towards the swap. I could tell that it had to be huge and heavy with what felt like the ground was being trampled hard and heavy. I have hunted most of my life and never encountered anything like that before. I went straight across the field towards home instead of my usual way along the top of the hill. I got to the road and at the house across the road was the neighbor lady outside and she asked me what that sound was. She was 1/4 mile away and she heard it too. About a week later I was back hunting, this time down in the swap sitting watching a shooting lane between the trees just about dark. At about 100 yards away and at an 11:00 o'clock position I heard what sounded like someone hitting a tree with a baseball bat. No rhythm to it but 2 knocks then one then a few more. After that I heard a loud snap as if a small tree was broken in half. Remembering what happened the week before I headed straight up the hill instead of following the edge of the swamp home. I do believe in bigfoot and wish I would have actually seen it but I will always remember it. Richard Francis 318 Dewitt Ave. Apt. 4 Fremont Michigan

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