Sunday 25 March 2012

New book hints at bigfoot responsible for missing people and new fossil find.

 Bigfoot authority takes on Park disappearances
By Joel Davis | (
A noted Bigfoot researcher has written a book about disappearances in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and across the U.S. David Paulides, a California resident, came to Alcoa Tuesday to distribute copies of a new book to the media during a press conference that touted “disturbing new information” about the cases of Dennis Martin, Trenny Gibson and Thelma Pauline Melton, who all disappeared in the Smokies.
The book, “Missing 411: Eastern United States,” summarizes information from newspaper accounts and other sources to offer recaps of unexplained disappearances. In the book, Paulides also raises questions about what he considers unusual elements of the stories.
The article seems to hint that the author blames bigfoot for the missing people.....well there have been stories over the years of people being kidnapped and held by bigfoot who knows?

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