Monday 25 March 2013

Bigfoot Terror in Bristol and Nessie Files

A Bigfoot sighted near Bristol began a reign of terror
It seems that all across America, there are areas that have tales of what might be called “Bigfoot stories.” Virtually all of them tell of a super-sized giant resembling a human being. The detailed descriptions vary as to size and shape, but there are some things in common. Generally it is told that the footprints are in the 18-20 inch range. Also, the gigantic body is usually covered in black or brown hair. This hair is usually said to be muddy or matted and in most cases, there is a long, overwhelming eye-burning scent that lingers long after the beast has passed. Some say they have encountered the scent without encountering the sight and have fled.

The truth is down there: looking for answers in the Nessie Files
FOR the first time, a comprehensive database of all reported sightings of the Loch Ness monster is being complied.The creators of the Nessie Files hope their work will shed light on the hundreds of strange sightings of the mythical creature.Dr Charles Paxton, an ecologist and statistician at St Andrews University, who is carrying out the project, has so far uncovered around 853 reported encounters with Nessie over the past 80 years.He will undertake a statistical analysis to see if there are any distinct clusters or patterns which could be explained by natural phenomena, such as a site where unusual waves are frequently formed.

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