Wednesday 3 July 2013

Navy Sonar affecting cryptids?

Blue and beaked whales affected by simulated navy sonar
By Victoria Gill Science reporter, BBC News
Blue and beaked whales' behaviour is disturbed by simulated navy sonar, according to two published studies. In two experiments, teams of researchers managed to attach tracking and sound-recording tags to 17 blue whales and two beaked whales. They then played simulated sonar sound through an underwater speaker and measured the animals' responses.The findings are reported in two Royal Society journals, Proceedings B and Biology Letters. Researchers have previously linked mass strandings and deaths of beaked whales around the world to military exercises using what is known as mid-frequency sonar. So scientists have been keen to understand if the sound harmed the animals.

Could this be the reason why marine cryptids are rarely seen? If large marine mammals are affected by this then what other creatures may be affected?

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