Friday 22 November 2013

claims of sea-monster corpse found on coast of Vietnam

Creature from the deep: Strange sea-monster corpse found on coast of Vietnam
By Tom Rawle
A MYSTERIOUS Loch-Ness-style monster has been found on the shores of Vietnam with the world now wondering what it is and where it has been dwelling.In video footage, the carcass of the enormous creature from the deep is seen being raised onto a large truck in front of hundreds of baffled onlookers. The video emerged from a Chinese news source earlier this week with little information to explain the surfaced giant behemoth.
In a global online investigation, posters and forum users have jumped to their own conclusions about the strange finding. Some say it could be a relative of the infamous Loch Ness monster. Others have gone down the alien route and presumed it to be a large creature from outer space similar to that in the 1990 film Tremors.


Filmplop said...

Dunno... Looks much more believable than many vids I've seen. However, it looks like something very 'whale' rather than anything dramatically crypto. Dunno, I'm drunk.

Markus said...

While there was little doubt that it was a baleen whale, I was able to reveal the probably most complete story yesterday: