Friday, 6 June 2014

Hybrids and Global warming ..could it be the explanation for cryptids?

Are Warming Arctic Temperatures Spawning New Hybrid Whales?
By Ria Misra
As Arctic temperatures rise and the ice melts, animals that once had separate migration patterns are suddenly encountering each other — and that could lead to some new animal hybrids. Tim McDonnell over at Nautilus has written a piece about just what the increased interaction between Arctic species could mean. Sometimes it's as simple as increased competition for food or for space, but it can also mean the possibility of new hybrid animals. Incidences of "grolar" — or polar/grizzly hybrid — bears are already pretty well documented, and scientists are also looking into the possibility that a bowhead/right whale hybrid has recently been spotted. But, those two hybrids could be just the tip of the proverbial (and rapidly melting) iceberg. Polar biologists have been looking at other species that could also produce hybrids, including a variety of whale and seal species — and these new hybrids could have serious implications for the survival of those species:

Why is this important? What if  cryptids are hybrids as a result of ice ages and global warming in the past? Things like the fact that jungles in central Africa were grass plains approximately 10,000 years could have changed the way some animals lived and evolved .

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