Wednesday 22 October 2014

Large eel in UK waters

'I faced the biggest eel I've seen... it had a head the size of an Alsatian' - Welsh diver reveals his underwater life
    By Robin Turner
Extract From the article :
“Diving in the SS Vendome, which sank off Strumble Head, near Fishguard, in December 4, 1988, while returning from the Isle of Man after delivering a cargo of coal from Dynevor Colliery, Neath, he said: “I was confronted by the biggest conger eel I’ve ever seen, as thick as a telegraph pole and with a head the size of an Alsatian.“And it had teeth a Sabretooth Tiger would have been proud of. I thought the best option was to retreat. No-one can hear you scream under the sea.”

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