Tuesday 26 May 2015

Another Bigfoot type creature The Wawa Grande .

The Wawa Grande or the Monster of the Cajas Mountains in Ecuador has been around for 200 years according to stories.It  is similar to a Bigfoot being described as a tall hairy humanoid creature. Reports say it is up to 8 feet tall ,weighs up to 400 lbs and depending on the witness can have red, white, grey or brown/blackish hair. Sometimes it walks on all fours ,sometimes it stands upright on two legs.
The creature had been sighted several times in the 1980s. In July 1988 a Scottish hiker claimed  he was attacked by two Wawa Grandes. The man named as Robert Burns said he sheltered in a cave from a snow storm and was attacked  and thrown out of the cave. He was treated at Cuenca hospital for a broken arm, lacerations and bite marks .
In 1997 a guide, Carlos Castro, said he took video of the creature during a hike with three German tourists. He also  claims to have seen the creature on  another occasion.
In 2008 and 2009 that there was another rash of sightings in a small but very high area of the National Park. Two Swedish Hikers in 2009 saw a Wawa Grande and a photo they said they took appeared in a Swedish Newspaper in July 2009.
An article published in May 2013 said that some British tourists has seen the creature in April and taken photos. One of them is a scientist and he said he could not explain what he saw except it  was a hairy humanoid with  light coloured fur .The photos have never been released to the media.

So another bigfoot type creature. Whether you think they are real or not, it is interesting that all the descriptions of these creatures from all over the world have similar characteristics. Some have been reported to show aggression. So large unknown  apes or gorillas or something else, a relic humanoid perhaps?

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