Saturday, 31 October 2015

on all hallows eve- do witches exist?

What is a witch? A witch uses nature ,herbs, crystals and so on and the power of the  mind to change things using talismans, spells and influence. Do they still exist? The modern witch can be a hedge witch ,who works alone or part of a coven. They can be male or female, pagan or wiccan ,voodoo,  in fact the variety of witches and beliefs is as great as any other religion. It is a type of religion or a way of life.
The old  witches, the wise women,used herbal medicines and psychology ,before it was called psychology, to heal and influence. The power of the  mind is the greatest magic. A person can make a voodoo doll of you and say they have stuck a pin in your right arm. You may scoff and ignore it but if you have the slightest doubt in your  mind, it will play  on your  mind and you will find your arm hurting. That is a simple example but it is basically how voodoo works ,the effect on the  mind causes the illness to happen.
A modern witch can use the internet.There are spells online, covens that can be joined and ingredients for sale.There are forums to discuss working of spells and what will be best for an outcome.
.Serious witches respect nature,the seasons and the earth.They strive to do good. "Do what thy wilt but harm none" is often quoted.
So are there white witches and black witches? If you believe in magic and it's practice you take a choice to do good, serve others or do evil ,be self serving.In reality most practitioners
have a foot in both camps because sometimes bad things need to happen to bad people.
So do witches exist? Certainly they do in great variety but they are not the broomstick riding ,crackling hags of folktales.  They are modern men and women who chose to follow a different path from organised religions.
Do spells work? Sometimes it appears they do.Is it coincidence or power of the  mind? You will have to decide that for yourself. On all hallows eve they say the veil between worlds is thin and the ancestors draw close, magic is stronger and works better. Maybe try a spell for yourselves and see if it works .

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