Saturday 10 September 2016

New photo of Nessie and baby nessie?

Has Nessie had kids? Incredible new snaps capture TWO Scottish monsters

A DAD is convinced he captured TWO Loch Ness monsters at large.
Ian Campbell, 56, was on a bicycle ride with his son and a friend when he saw two gigantic "creatures" swimming across Loch Ness.

The beasts' eerie resemblance with the Nessies stunned the dad, from Taynuilt in Argyll, Scotland.

The council regulatory officer said: "At the time we saw it we had stopped for a rest and to admire the view. It seemed to appear suddenly from nowhere.
"I said to my son: 'What is that in the water?' He said to me that it looked like a big animal.
"I was saying to my son that we had just seen the Loch Ness monster."
see rest of story and pics here:
 This will excite those who believe there is a breeding population of creatures in the Loch .There has certainly been more sightings this year .

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Martin Curran said...

This is interesting, but really hard to determine given that the camera is working it's ass off to interpret the data at the very edge of its resolution limit.