Wednesday 9 January 2019

Lake Somin Creature

Lake Somin Monster

A huge monster with the head of a serpent and the body of a crocodile is rumoured to lurk at the bottom of  Lake Somin  in Western Ukraine. Now and again the gruesome creature comes ashore and attacks domestic animals .The hideous monster is also said to moan and wheeze at night. Lake Somin is located in Polessie lowlands, which formed at the bottom of an ancient freshwater sea. About 300 lakes scattered around the area are the remainders of the sea. Those  lakes interconnect by means of underground passages and rivers.Lake Somin is 56 meters deep. A number of caves lie at its bottom.

It is believed that the first stories about the monster hiding in Lake Somin near the village of Lukiv appeared at the turn of the 19th century. The reference to the monster can be found in a report sent by a village chairman to Warsaw. He wrote that the villagers had not paid a tax on fishing because of a “serpent” which lived in the lake, eating the fishes. The unknown predator also harassed the livestock and locals, said the letter. 
The local elderly say that the “lizard” was last seen on the lake shore some 30 years ago.
“The monster assaulted Stepan, a groom. He was tending horses near the lake on that day. Actually, Stepan had too much of a drink so he stretched himself out on the grass and fell asleep. A crocodile-like creature crept on to the bank out of the water, moved up to the guy, and sniffed at him. Mushroom pickers came from the wood at the very moment. They saw that thing and started shouting out loud to scare it off. The monster reportedly opened its month and there wasn’t a single tooth inside,” said the 84-year-old Ivan Kovalchuk, a resident of the village.”
Other scientists claim that the creature could be a prehistoric  freshwater shark which somehow survived the Ice Age. “The archeological finds discovered in the area can back up this version. There’re many reports on fossilized teeth and bones of ancient fishes dug out by locals in their gardens,” said Valentin Volontai, an adviser with the Institute of Archeology under the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

It is possible this could be another giant cat fish but a freshwater shark is more interesting.

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