Wednesday 6 February 2019

Swan or Russian Nessie?

2017 sighting
Forget's Ness-ski! Nature lovers spot Loch Ness monster in a Russian lake
Nature lovers claim they have found the Russian version of the legendary Scottish Loch Ness monster.
The supposed Russian Nessie - the mythical sea creature - was captured on camera in photographs showing what appears to be a white head and part of a body of a sea monster coming from the water.The photographs were taken at Lake Khanto in the city of Noyabrsk in north-central Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug region by a man out for his morning run.Dmitry Kim was exercising at the picturesque spot when something caught his eye.
He said he spotted the weird object sticking out of the water and quickly grabbed his phone to take a picture.He said: 'I understand it very well, that this is impossible, but the silhouette of this creature reminded me of the Loch Ness monster. 
'It was standing there and wasn't moving.'
The supposed creature looks similar to reported sightings of the Scottish beast with what looks like a long neck poking out from the water.Mr Kim added that according to regional legends Lake Khanto used to have swans but said it looked nothing like the bird.
See photo here:

The town didn’t exist until 1975 when a landing party arrived by helicopter  on the ice of the Itu-Yakha River to start developing Kholmogorskoye oil field.On October 26, 1977, the settlement of Noyabrsk, which grew around the railway station of Noyabrskaya, was officially registered. It was decided to choose the name of "Noyabrsk" instead of the other proposal"Khanto". The settlement was granted the status of a town on April 28, 1982. 
The lake is popular in summer for walks, picnics etc. However I could find no history of a monster in the lake nor in the nearby lakes Svetloye and Szemchuzhnoye. Swans are known to visit the lakes. So as there have been no further sightings was it simply a swan?

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