Wednesday 20 March 2019



The River Allier in France is  known for fishing as there are good stocks of many types of fish. In addition to trout and grayling  there are  plenty of pikezander and perch .Beyond the river, there are lakes dotted all over the region, many of which are home to huge carp, along with pike and even black bass.

In the early 1930’s there were stories of a monster in the river ,described as monstrous and likened to Cerberus. It was black with three heads and horrifying  but little else is known about it.

There are many authenticated reports of two headed and three headed eels and snakes in modern times so it is possible that such a creature could have existed. It may not have lived long due to its mutation  hence no further reports have been forthcoming. I suspect  it could have been a mutated very large eel as they can grow to a large size. Or of course it could have  been a cryptid!

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