Sunday 4 August 2019

Nessie shows herself again?

Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster are on course for a record this century after a holidaymaker logged the 12th official spotting.
The latest glimpse of Nessie - just three short of the record set in 2018 - came on Thursday when monster-sceptic Richard Cobb of Bradford was staying at a holiday lodge near the Craigdarroch Inn.
It was around 9.30pm something broke the loch's calm surface and walking tour company boss Mr Cobb, 43 - who was on holiday with his brother Colin, 46 - was stunned.
The father-of-three said: 'I've been coming to Loch Ness since 1992 and I know what a boat wake looks like. But there were no boats around when this thing surfaced.
I never believed in Nessie - but now I'm not so sure. What I saw was just weird.
'It was a dead calm, warm night and this thing broke the surface a few hundred yards away. I couldn't make out a head or anything - but there was something in the middle that was different to the rest of it.
'I watched it for about 90 seconds. It was moving and disappeared. I don't believe Nessie is a dinosaur or anything like that - but there is something in there for sure.'
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