Wednesday 9 October 2019

US Navy pilot says mystery ‘dark mass’ emerged from ocean and swallowed torpedo

US Navy pilot says mystery ‘dark mass’ emerged from ocean and swallowed torpedo
Commander David Fravor shot to fame for his account of the USS Nimitz UFO encounter – but he has now claimed something even spookier was spotted some 10 years earlier.
He explained the pilot was flying a CH-53 and was going to pick up a BQM (an unmanned drone used by the US Air Force).A diver was dropped into the water to hook it up and to then fly back, when something truly bizarre happened.
"They’re 50 feet (15 metres) above the water, he sees this kind of dark mass coming up from the depths,” he added.“As they hoist the BQM up, he’s looking at this thing going, ‘What the hell is that?’ And then it just goes back down underwater."Once they pull the kid and the BQM out of the water, this object descends back into the depths.”
The pilot thought the incident was “pretty weird” but, incredibly, the same thing happened a few months later.Fravor said: “He’s out picking up a torpedo, they hook the diver up on the winch, and as they’re lowering him down, he sees this big mass.“He goes, ‘It’s not a submarine’, he’s seen submarines before, once you’ve seen a submarine you can’t confuse it with something else."This big object, kind of circular, is coming up from the depths and he starts screaming through the intercom system to tell them to pull the diver up, and the diver’s only a few feet from the water.”"And all of a sudden he said the torpedo just got sucked down underwater, and the object just descended back down into the depths."They never recovered it.”Cdr Fravor said the helicopter pilot was adamant the torpedo “didn’t sink” as it “literally looked like it got sucked down”.

What was this strange object? Was it a whale thinking the torpedo was a tasty snack? Or a sea monster disturbed by the commotion? Certainly needs investigating if it is true. Who knows what lurks at the bottoms of our oceans.

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