Tuesday 31 December 2019

Monster in Shasta Lake?

Lake Shasta Serpent 
Lake Shasta in California is  35 miles long  (56 km) and a maximum depth of 517 ft (158 metres ).Its primary inflows are Sacramento River, Pit River, McCloud River and its primary outflow is the Sacramento River.
On 10th July 2017 a family called Atwood were swimming and having a picnic on the beach at Shasta Lake.They first noticed disturbances in the water where groups of  fish were leaping out of the water.Then a large black mass breached the surface, perhaps in pursuit of the fish. Finally the creature and its head was completely in view. Mrs Atwood said :
“It was massive and slow moving, then it slowly submerged itself into the water leaving behind hardly a ripple of evidence on the lake surface. I looked to my husband to make sure he saw the giant beast too, his expression instantly told me he also witnessed the creature.”
Mrs Atwood described the Shasta lake monster as a glossy dark gunmetal grey blue colour with smooth skin, and on the dorsal side it had what looked to have hard shell like spiked scales about every 18″ or so. She said the shape of its head was similar to a rattlesnake; angular and bulky, and its eyes were pure black.
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There is a legend of a creature in the Lake.A native tribe objected to the Shasta Dam taking some of their sacred land.They summoned an ancient horned beast with a fire dance and it materialised in the Sacramento River.It was described as scaly ,huge and had horns.It did not stop the Dam but continued to reside in the Lake.
In 2018 a monster was found in the Lake :
“A morning of fishing on Lake Shasta turned into a rescue operation for a pair of Redding anglers who pulled a catfish out of an 8-foot sturgeon's mouth Monday, saving the big fish's life.Brandon Bartlett said he and his friend, Sou Saephan, had been fishing on the Pit River Arm of Lake Shasta and were returning to Jones Valley in their boat when they saw something in the distance splashing in the water.They motored over to get a closer look "and what do you know it’s a (bleeping) river monster just swimming on top of the water so I roped the tail because I could tell it was suffering," Saephan said in a Facebook post.At 8-feet, 2 inches long, Bartlett said it was easily the biggest fish he had ever seen."It looked almost prehistoric. It was really big," Bartlett said, describing the line of spikes along its back and sides.They used the boat to drag it to the shore and discovered it had a catfish stuck in its mouth.They used a pair of pliers to pull out the catfish, which was about 13 inches long."You could see the fish almost take a gasp when we got it (the catfish) out," Bartlett said.
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So could the Sturgeon have been what the Atwoods saw ? At over 8 feet long and with spikes on its back its sounds similar to the description by Mrs Atwood.Unless more sightings and evidence are forthcoming, a large Sturgeon may be the explanation for the monster of Shasta Lake.

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