Tuesday 28 January 2020

Shuswap Lake Monster

Shuswap Lake Serpent
Shuswap Lake is  located in  British Columbia, Canada. The  Lake consists of four arms, forming the shape of the letter H.It has a depth of over 500 feet at its deepest point.Shuswap Lake is reputed to have  a monster called  Shugumu or Shuswaggi.
The earliest encounter with the creature was from a Secwepemc First Nations hunter in 1904 who claimed to have killed a strange creature in Shuswap Lake.
Then in 1948, a man fishing on the lake said  a large  creature swam under his boat, clipping the bottom and almost tipped it over.
On July 27th the same year ,  a farmer by the name of  Sinclair had let his cattle out to graze on his property next to Shuswap Lake. He saw something in the water and as he moved closer for a better view a large black creature begin to move farther out and started submerging.
In 1970, a family having  a birthday party next to Shuswap Lake reported seeing a long, grey-green object moving under the lake water that appeared to move quickly before rising out of the water, turning around and heading away.
In 1984  Linda Griffiths and her family  were out on the lake when she saw something and  grabbing her binoculars she saw a serpent-like creature swim in front of the boat. After the sighting, Linda described it as being about  25ft long with greyish-brown skin and no scales.
In 2018 Larry Roberts and two others reported a sighting .It had flat bumps on its back and was estimated to be 60 feet long. You can read his eyewitness report here : https://pinebarrensinstitute.com/user-submitted-encounters/2018/8/19/user-submitted-cryptid-encounter
On March  23rd 2019 Loren and his friend Brodie Blair ,fishermen, were filming another episode of  Two Guys With Flies for their Facebook page when they encountered  the creature.
“Out of the blue from behind us, what we heard was almost like the breach of a whale, like the water coming out of its spout,” Loren told Global News. “As I was videoing my buddy here fishing I turned the camera around and I started videotaping what we thought was… it was really weird like waves… but you could see the shininess of the humps.”
On the video, Blair could be heard calling what they’re seeing ‘The Shuswaggi’.
In May 2019 Dawn Dumont spotted something in the lake while she was driving her son to an appointment in Salmon Arm and then again at a public beach in Scotch Creek.
“I was kind of hoping to see it again and to my surprise I think that I did. Whatever it was, it was big. It looked like there were some kind of black humps. I had seen it twirling around a bit and then it went under,” Dupont reported.
So does the lake house a serpent like creature or is it a sturgeon as some claim? Could it be a giant eel or an unknown creature? The video films are, as usual ,difficult to accurately assess and could show anything from waves to a monster to birds in formation. Hopefully more sightings and evidence will be forthcoming.

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