Friday 10 July 2020

Will Scientists Find The Great Lakes Serpent?

Lake Huron Investigations.
Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is connected at the easterly portion of Lake Michigan by the 5-mile-wide Straits of Mackinac. More than a thousand wrecks have been recorded in Lake Huron. Lake Huron has an average depth of  200 feet but the deepest part of the lake is estimated to be 750 feet. It has sink holes or blue holes in the lake bottom. These are now to be investigated :

However could this be the lair of a serpent or giant snake seen in the lake and around the area?
Ojibway legends tell of the water monster "Mishebeshu" (great lynx), who is said to have an underwater den near the mouth of the Serpent River that flows into Lake Huron.One of the stories involves a young boy  13 years old.The custom of the Ojibway people,was that he  would now journey from his home,to the Sacred Spot, known today as Herman’s Point on the shores of the big lake.The boy would fast and if the spirits were pleased a vision would come. His mother accompanied him to the sacred place and left him with a blanket to protect against rain.
A few days later she returned to the sacred spot. There was no sign of the boy. The blanket she had given him was hanging on a tree. The villagers searched the area without success. Several weeks later a group of hunters noticed a great commotion in the waters. A great serpent rose above the waves, a giant creature with large horns. Clinging to the monster’s back was the young Indian Boy. After that there were many disappearances and strange noises and people began to move away.
According to a 1948 issue of the Owen Sound Sun Times, the Flowerpot Island Sea Monster was spotted by people aboard a Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Co. liner. Men yelled and a woman fainted while the serpent slid through the waters of Georgian Bay. It was reported to be a 60 feet long  green and purple scaled monster with a large horned head; this was backed by more than a dozen passengers and many crew members. The serpent apparently came within 500 feet of the ship before slipping off into the fog and rain.
"I've sailed the Great Lakes for many years," stated the captain, "and have yet to see any monster. However, some of the informants in this case have always been persons of sound judgement and character."
A mass sighting of a large group of creatures were spotted near Kincardine and were  reported in the London Ontario Free Press  July 12th, 1975.
 Locals have spoken about the creature:
I lived in Ontario Canada most of my life. I live about 2 miles away from Lake Huron. Over the years I have heard different stories from many people about huge monstrous snakes in the lake.
My Grandfather was witness to one of these snakes so was my Father and my older Brother.
I recently was in Port Elgin walking around the dock area. When I came across a huge snake skin it was about 20 feet long and about 2 feet wide.
What my Grandfather witnessed while fishing out on the lake. He said that creatures head was 3ft long and 2ft wide and with it’s neck , he said it was out of the water by at least 10 ft he didn’t really know how long it was and he didn’t want to find out .
My Father seen 2 of these snakes when he was 1r yrs old while diving off a big rock a Sauble beach . He said the creatures were 10 ft and both black.
My older Brother was diving off a boat just off the shore off Chiefs’ Point and he said he sank down about 6 ft into the water and opened his eyes and saw a huge snake head in front of him .
The Straits of Mackinac adjoining Lake Huron have also had reports of strange creatures:

Lake Michigan also has sightings reported between 1867 and 1890 in the local newspapers.  Numerous sightings of  a sea serpent just off the shore in Lake Michigan. there were reports from Evanston down to Hyde Park, and the creature was described as bluish black with a greyish white underbelly and a  long neck.Then a film appeared on the internet:
Whatever it is, it appears to poke its head out of the water before slinking its way toward the pier. After stopping underneath it for a few seconds, it jumps back into the water quickly. The object appears to have a large tail and a dorsal fin and forked tail. A hoax? Possibly. So many stories about the area are bound to produce some.However there is often some truth in legends and oral history.

So many stories from the connecting bodies of water ,will the scientists discover anything unusual in the sink holes? I hope so.

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