Thursday 6 August 2020

Monster Fish

Monster Fish Attack

The Winnipeg River is a Canadian river which flows roughly northwest from Lake of the Woods in the province of Ontario to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.

This article caught my eye:
Winnipeg woman injured in ‘extremely unusual’ Ontario fish attack: ‘It pulled me under’

A Winnipeg woman is healing at home after being left with significant injuries in a rare musky attack near Minaki, Ont., last weekend.Kim Driver says she was wading about chest-deep into waters last Saturday when the unthinkable happened.“All of a sudden I just felt something tap my left leg, like brush it, and then next thing I know it just took a hold of my right leg,” said Driver, an avid angler who has been a seasonal camper in Minaki since 2007.“I looked down and I saw the fish’s head, which looked like an alligator, and it just grabbed it and it moved me from side-to-side and then it pulled me under.”Driver says she called out and friends and family came rushing to help her, before taking her to the hospital in Kenora.“All of a sudden she just went, ‘somethings got my leg’, and then her arms went up in the air, she went under the water screaming,” her husband Terry Driver told Global News.“How do you even know what to do? We’re in Minaki, Ontario, it’s the Winnipeg River; nothing attacks you there.”

Driver was left in severe pain with scrapes on her leg and severe puncture wounds in her calf. Muskies, the largest member of the pike family, are a species of fish that are sought after by many anglers and can grow over 50 inches long. They’re rare to catch and are often referred to as the “fish of 10,000 casts.” Muskies have poor eyesight, and could have mistaken part of her leg for a fish while it was hunting.

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It must have been very large to pull her under water. It got me wondering about some sightings of  Lake Monsters and whether a large Muskie could be what is seen. It is also scary that such a large fish could pull an adult woman under the water. We live in a world full of surprises and monsters ,many of them all too real.


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