Wednesday 16 December 2020

Creatures of Long Lakes



Long Lakes Creatures

There are several lakes called Long Lake in the USA. At least two of them are said to have monsters.

Long Lake State Park

In 1993  a Milwaukee newspaper carried an article about a monster sighting in Long Lake by several campers from the Milwaukee area.They said it was dark,serpent like and  had an undulating movement causing waves to hit the shore.

In the Summer of 1994, Beth Quinn was vacationing on Long Lake when she witnessed a  strange sight. Quinn said that "I saw a big black swan type sea monster. It had a dragon type face." She was close enough to the creature to clearly see that it was not a swan or a duck - in fact it wasn't like anything she'd ever seen before. She ran into a nearby cabin to fetch her companions . When she came back out with the rest of the group, the creature had already disappeared back under the surface of Long Lake.

In 1998 a woman reported seeing a huge dark object several hundred feet off shore. It moved with a violent undulating motion which sent waves rolling over a pier and then crashing into the shore.

Four years later a couple who were staying in the Long Lake state park stopped at the Din's Garage, Dundee for some ice. They told the proprietor that they spotted an eel like monster about 28 feet long swimming along the shore of the state park beach. It was dark brown with light brown spots. It gradually submerged out of sight.

A 3 foot long salamander like creature was reported crossing Highway  67 that runs along Long Lake. I have no date for this but it was speculated it was a baby lake monster.

I could find no recent reports but something was causing a stir in Long Lake State Park.


Long Lake Massachusetts.

In 2018 two local scientists claimed they saw a  long-necked aquatic animal rising above the surface of Long Lake in Littleton, Massachusetts.

Dr.Timothy Ahearn and Dr, Lawrence Millman, were boating along the shores of the lake around 11 PM when they saw a large serpent-like form rise out of the water. The creature stared at them briefly and then arched its back and submerged.

“It looked like your classic Loch Ness Monster, “ Millman said. “Or descriptions I’ve read of Lake Champlain’s creature, Champy, and I would have thought I imagined it, except that Tim saw it too.”

It rose about five feet above the water and  had a snake-like body and a head that resembled some sort of reptilian otter.

Dr. Ahearn, who lives on the lake, has seen a giant water scorpion just below the ice. Eels, black water snakes and an unusually large snapping turtle have also been seen in the lake over the years.

A legend among the local indigenous people the Nashobah talks of a of a lake creature known as the Ap’chinic, although that was described more like an octopus.

On the one hand the lake is quite shallow so not the usual depth for a lake monster,on the other scientists are unlikely to be involved in a hoax. What do you think,is there a monster in Long Lake Littelton?

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