Friday 26 March 2021

New Book- Monsters of the Deep


Nick Redfern -Monsters of the Deep

WE normally associate Nick Redfern with UFOs and Men in Black but he is also a cryptozoologist.His latest book on aquatic monsters covers a vast array from Nessie to mermaids  to alligators in the sewers. It diverts from the main topics in places and includes stories of  Alestair Crowley and even a flesh eating tree. Nick being a fortean cryptozoologist he tends towards the esoteric explanations rather than living creatures as aquatic monsters. The book is a great overview of the subject and anyone new to the study of aquatic monsters will learn a great deal.Most of the information seems to have been gleaned from the web and this blog is mentioned in further reading. Nick writes in an easy to follow style .Worth a read .

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