Thursday 19 August 2021

Kentucky WereWolf?


Bearzilla or WereWolf?

It is reported there are werewolves in the state of Kentucky. The state has plenty of food available for wild beasts including deer,  turkey and a large  free-ranging elk herd. Kentucky has plenty of remote areas and claims  the world’s longest cave system.

In 1944 in the rural parts of the state, called  the “Gateway” region a werewolf sighting was reported and  nicknamed the “Gateway Werewolf“.

They are also called Bearzillas. The first sighting was by an elderly man in  Nicholas County in 1972. However some say its been around since the 1940s. owever some say it has been around since the 1940s.



The name “Bearzilla” stuck because it looked like a bear crossed with a wolf . Eye-witness accounts described it as six to seven ( approx 2 metres) feet tall with  white or grey fur.It is said to have the body of a bear, human-like hands, claw-like nails, and the face, snout, and fangs of a wolf.A cast of its paw print is said to exist. The last known sighting occurring in 1989.

Then this article appeared on 20 February 2020   :

“A Kentucky teen died on Tuesday after being attacked by a 'canine-type' creature police have yet to identify. Kentucky State Police were called to a home in the Emmalena community in Knott County around 6pm on Tuesday following a report of an animal attack on a 13-year-old boy. His body was found on a mountainside behind the residence and Knott County Coroner Corey Watson pronounced him dead from suspected injuries stemming from an animal attack”

It was thought to be an attack by wild dogs .Apart from the sadness at the loss of a young life the word werewolf was uttered. Could Bearzilla have returned?  If you are about in the rural areas of Kentucky keep your eyes peeled and keep safe.

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