Thursday 13 January 2022

Iberian Vampire Dog


The Dip ( Devil Dog)


Iberia, is a peninsula in south western Europe, principally divided between Spain and Portugal, and a small area of Southern France.It is the home of the Iberian Devil Dog known as the Dip.

The town of Pratdip, Catalonia, Spain, is where the Dip originates. Some say the name of the town translates as Wolf Meadows and it has a wolf like creature on  its coat of arms.

They are described as being like a huge  wolf with red eyes and being lame in one leg and blind in one eye.Being lame in one leg is sign it belongs to the devil or comes from hell according to local legend. They can scent human fear and tend to prey on those who stray from the main paths /roads. Sometimes called vampire dogs because they suck the blood of their victims.

The cattle being attacked is usually the first sign that the Dip is about.Then people may be attacked or go  missing, especially those the worse for drink.The creature is unlikely to be a werewolf because of its vampire like tendencies.

 It is so ingrained in local minds that they now produce a red wine in the area called the Dip.

The label depicts the ears / top of a wolf’s head and red with staring eyes on a black label. I have no idea what it tastes like but the sight of the bottle on a shop shelf may be startling. I will buy a bottle if I see it and give it a try....lets hope its wine and not blood!