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Siberian Yeti or Bigfoot


Kul the Russian Yeti

The Kul is said to be 2 metres tall (7 feet) and covered in hair with red eyes. It walks on two legs like a human but has longer arms.There have been many sightings including several this century.

Three separate 'sightings of yetis' in Siberia ahead of new expedition to find the 'abominable snowman'

By The Siberian Times reporter24 September 2012

Yetis have been 'sighted' recently in three different remote areas in Kemerovo region, according to local reports. One was spotted this month by an unnamed state inspector in the Shorsky National Park, says local government official Sergei Adlyakov.'The creature did not look like a bear and quickly disappeared after breaking some branches of the bushes,' he was quoted as saying.This case was in Tashtagolski district, close to the border with Khakassia, it was claimed. It was highlighted by Trud newspaper but when The Siberian Times asked Adlyakov for more details, he said the sighting was 'private information' and he had not intended that the 'sighting' was made public. The same official has claimed to be aware of yeti sightings in previous years.

Earlier in August, fisherman Vitaly Vershinin saw two creatures near Myski village, according to a local Siberian newspaper. 'Sailing up the river I saw on the bank what I thought were two bears,' he said. 'They were drinking water.

'When they noticed me, they easily stood straight upright and went away... I did not wish to chase them.'Officials in Kuzbass, Kemerovo region, told of another alleged sighting.'We were sailing in a boat without an engine. On the rock above the Mras-Su River we saw some tall animals looking like people,' said locals who have not been named.

'Our binoculars were broken and did not let us see them sharply. We waved at the animals but they did not respond, then quickly ran back into the forest, walking on two legs.He stressed: 'We realised that they were not in dark clothes but covered by dark fur. They did walk like people.'

Russia's leading 'yeti expert' Igor Burtsev, head of the International Centre of Hominology, said he believes the supposed Myski sighting to be 'significant' though was unaware of the later National Shorsky Park case.

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Yeti reappears in Siberia after more than a year

By The Siberian Times reporter17 October 2016

Following a 'sighting' by local official, hunters reveal 'footprints' that do not belong to bear or any other known creaturThere has been a gap of almost 14 months since the last Yeti evidence in Siberia, an unusually long interval with no sightings of the mythical creature or its footprints.

But today there is news of footprints near the village of Eryomino, close to the Chyoka River, in the Kyshtovsky district, Novosibirsk region, regarded as a little off the beaten track for the abominable snowman aka Bigfoot and Sasquatch.

Alexei Kovalenko, a hunter and a fisherman, revealed these recent pictures of mysterious footprints, prompting the head of the village council in Kulyaba in the same district - Alexander Shadrin to disclose that on September 17 he came face to face with a yeti which had been terrorising cows at night.

'I was greatly scared,' he confessed, explaining the creature was 'all hairy' and 'light silver' in colour.

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Some describe the creature as having dark ,some silver hair.This begs the question are they different species or was one elderly? There is no doubt of the belief in the Kul or Yeti in the region but so far proof has been elusive. An expedition was sent to the area but despite claims no definitive proof has been reported.There is obviously something producing foot prints etc but whether they are simply bear tracks distorted by the snow or mud or a relic hominid or even an unknown ape remains to be seen.

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