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Lake Michigan Strangeness



Lake Michigan and Monsters

Lake Michigan and the area around it are known for strangeness and  cryptid sightings.

In 1955 a swimmer , George Lawson, was apparently attacked by a shark in Lake Michigan. The story goes that  Lawson lost his leg to the “infamous Carcharhinus Springer.” There was a shark found in Lake Michigan., The attack however is not proven.. The shark caught by two fishermen in 1969  was 29 inches long .  The shark was dead, but for several days fishermen in the area were uneasy.

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There have also been reports of sea serpents in Lake Michigan with  sightings reported between 1867 and 1890 in the local newspapers.  Numerous sightings of  a sea serpent were seen just off the shore in Lake Michigan and further  reports from Evanston down to Hyde Park.The creature was described as bluish black with a greyish white underbelly and a  long neck.

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Then a film appeared on the internet:

Whatever it is, it appears to poke its head out of the water before slinking its way toward the pier. After stopping underneath it for a few seconds, it jumps back into the water quickly. The object appears to have a large tail and a dorsal fin and forked tail. A hoax? Possibly. So many stories about the area are bound to produce some.However there is often some truth in legends and oral history.

There are also reports of bigfoot and a  dogman .

And a report of the Michigan dogman:

In 1986, a man was driving home from the army recruiting station to Ludington late at night. He  saw a reflection of his  headlights off to the left  in a darkened field. They appeared to be eyes. They were  too high to be deer.It ran across the two lane  road in three leaps. It was over 6 feet ( 2metres)tall.

There are also wild cats :According to the Michigan Citizens for Cougar Recognition Web site, there have been 74 sightings of cougars in Emmet County from 1990-2009.

And then there are were-cats:

In 1969 a Chicago man driving at night  down a road in Niels Michigan claimed to have seen a strange cat like creature standing on two feet on the side of the road. He slowed down to get a better look but the creature ran at his car and began attacking it, punching his windshield .It had large clawed fists which  broke  the glass so he quickly drove away.He said the cat like creature made a strange squealing sound .

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There are often areas where more than one type of cryptid is sighted.There are also stories of UFOs in those areas and I am sure there will be some in Michigan.Do particular areas attract cryptids or is it the area attracts those more likely to see them? .Maybe someone can answer that because I don’t know.

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