Wednesday 28 September 2022

The Bigfoot of Kent?


The Kentish Beast.

The Beast of Tunbridge Wells is a  bigfoot type creature  reported to have been seen in Kent.

An elderly couple  claimed to have seen it in 1942.They were sitting on a bench when they became aware of a shuffling noise behind them.When they turned around they saw a tall, ape-like creature with red eyes moving slowly towards them. They both fled . It was reported to the police as they thought   that a gorilla had escaped from a zoo. Local people  laughed  on hearing of it ,thinking it a joke and they were not believed.

In 1991, five members of the Territorial Army claimed to have chased  off the beast with stones and shouting  on Blue Bell Hill, outside Maidstone.In Chatham a young girl with her partner saw the apeman appear then run off into the bushes.

In 2012 over six months a number of sightings of the mysterious beast were again reported.

It was first spotted by a walker in the woods beside the town's common.The man   ran off after the beast roared at him.

A girl named Charlotte was driving home from the University of Kent, when "she saw a creature with long arms and knees which came up under its chin as it walked".

The locals are split into those who believe and those who think it is a man in a fancy dress ,a joker.

This article appeared in November 2012:

It could be simply a person living wild in the woods.In these days of unemployment etc. there are many homeless people. However the original sighting of one being 70 years ago ,it would be unlikely to be the same person. There has been a lot of discussion over the years of the possibility of a British Bigfoot but it seems unlikely as we don’t have the large areas of wilderness or jungle that other places have. I live in an area of Scotland known years ago as a hideout for outlaws etc as it is wild and remote but in these modern times of drones,mobile phones and people walking the hills for pleasure ,it would be hard for anything not to be spotted.So a British bigfoot seems unlikely as we have no unexplored areas.What do you think wildman, joker or Bigfoot?

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