Thursday 2 February 2023

Wolf Pond Giant Snake?

 Wolf Pond Reptile

Wolf Pond is a  fishing lake in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.A 30 foot(10 metres) long creature is said to live there. Last reported in the 1800’s.  It's described as black with yellow bands and a green head, and measured about 6 feet ( 2 metres)  wide.One fisherman was said to have panicked on seeing it and he tried to hit it with an oar.The creature capsized his boat before disappearing back into the lake.It is mentioned in a book by  Charles Skinner “ Buried Treasure and Storied Waters” written in the 1900s.

It appeared to be a huge snake. Snakes are present in the area but none that large.Could it have been an aberration ,a one off that grew very large? No recent sightings have been recorded

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