Sunday 30 July 2023

Russian Wild men.


Russian Bigfoot and Smallfoot?

In the Kola Peninsula is said to reside a large bigfoot like creature called Afonya.Described as 7 or 8 feet (about 2.5 metres) in height with grayish hair over its body. Its stride is reported to be over 4 feet (1.3 metres) in length and is mainly nocturnal.

A  legend of the area talks of  a terrible giant Kuiva, who in ancient times attacked the inhabitants of the peninsula, another claims that small people live under the ground there .

In 1988 six teenagers fishing at Lake Lovozero said the creature threw stones at their cabin .A local warden /ranger also saw it and said it had a call like a moo sound.A team of researchers the following year recorded whistling sounds and saw footprints.The prints were 15 inches (37 cms) long.

In 1996, a man looking for pieces of meterorite,illegally, heard strange sounds near his tent. He claimed he saw three furry creatures with human faces .He said they had fangs and green eyes and he fled the area.

So could both legends be true? Both large and small human like creatures have been reported.Unfortunately like many of the stories that come from remote areas it is difficult to get proof.



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Truth is Scarier than Fiction said...

I'm a big fan of Russian Almas sightings, pretty cool history behind them