Sunday 15 February 2009

new expedition looking for Mokele-mbembe

News on is that a new expedition is going to Cameroon to hunt for the living dinosaur.Whilst I think it is great that someone is going to look for mokele-mbembe, I have my reservations about the main investigater.
The latest stories from the Congo on sightings of the big MM have been by creationist ministers,based in the area. I understand that the main investigater is also a creationist. This makes me doubtful about any proof they may bring back. If you are trying to prove a theory you may go to any lengths to do it. We have all seen disgraced scientists, over the years, on the news who have been caught out falsifying research results.(I think cloning was the recent one).I don't want to get into a debate about creationism, it is not my belief but I respect others right to believe it.However I doubt their objectivity in researching cryptids.
The BaAku pigmies in the area call MM the spirit of the forest and at various times have identified it from pictures as a rhino, a diplodicus and a gorilla. They may of course be wise and just telling researchers what they want to hear.What I do know is that Lac Tele where MM is supposed to live , is not deep enough to house a dinosaur. It is between about 4 feet and 12 feet deep.There may be the odd giant turtle in there or even a large croc, but a dinosaur would not be swimming in it...just paddling a long wetting it's ankles.
It will be interesting to see what comes back . I am sure Loren on cryptomundo will keep us informed.

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