Saturday 21 August 2010

Bigfoot and UFOs, loveland frog and Mothman festivals.

 For those who have an interest in both Bigfoot and UFOs:
Vancouver's Trailrider Research explores Sasquatch, UFO connections
An extract:
Bruce shared details of his first-time experience with the Secret Message Report audience:
I was ... rock climbing in [the] Skaha area in the Okanagan, near Pentiction, BC. We were in a canyon, in the very far back of the climbing area and there [were] sounds that led us to think that some bighorn sheep were coming down the canyon we were in. So we prepared ourselves to see that. That's not what happened, though. What happened was we started hearing rocks breaking, and not falling to the ground. So it was like there was rock-fall coming off the canyon walls but not hitting the ground. It was very strange.“We knew there was a large animal in the canyon. And then, the next thing we knew, there [were] large rocks being broken.“I was with another friend and my dog and we were overcome with fear. The classical response where you are in the vicinity of a Bigfoot and there is an overwhelming fear that takes over. Irrational fear.
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Is the Loveland Frog real?
Posted by Opinionati August 19th, 2010, 7:53 am
Have you ever heard of the Loveland Frog? A supposed 3-to-4 foot tall amphibian with green leathery skin that walks erect and hangs out near the Little Miami River in Loveland?
We haven’t either.
Well, if you ever smell alfalfa and almonds while strolling near the area, it might be close by.The creature has reportedly been seen by a businessman in 1955 and two police officers in 1972 but not since. Despite an appearance percentage on par with the likes of the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual Loveland Frog Festival at Nisbit Park, now in its third year. This year’s festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 2nd from 8:00AM-4:00PM.Though the festival sounds interesting — Opinionati will be sure to mark it on our calendars — a 3-to-4-foot-tall biped frog with webbed feet and hands that smells like alfalfa and almonds? We need to see that.First person to grab a confirmatory image of our green friend wins infinite Cincinnati notoriety!  Source:
Tourism Center prepares for Mothman Festival, other news
by Delyssa Huffman
POINT PLEASANT — Board members of the Mason County Tourism and Visitor’s Bureau gathered Tuesday morning to discuss upcoming events in the area. Of those, September events, including the Mothman Festival, were subjects talked over.
This will be the ninth year for the annual event which takes place along Main Street and at the Point Pleasant Riverfront Park, and committee members present discussed new events that have been added to draw in more tourists.

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