Thursday 26 August 2010

Chupacabra attack claimed in Dallas

DALLAS -- A woman near Dallas is now a believer in the chupacabra. The woman believes she was attacked by one and is undergoing rabies shots because of it.
The attack happened Saturday in Jack County, northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Staysha Henderson was at her grandmothers house. Henderson said the skinny, malnourished, gray creature she and her family believe is a chupacabra was lurking inside a camper. The animal attacked and bit Henderson on her hand. Her family shot and killed the animal.
Officials are now testing to determine exactly what the creature was.
Source and photo here :

Have a look at the photo and see what you think but more likely a poor mangy dog gone a bit crazed poor thing. 
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LeAnn said...

Looks like a picture of a horse that's been dead awhile - gray and nasty. Definitely not a Chupacabra. Thanks for the story :)