Sunday 10 April 2011

10 monsters.

The ten most famous monsters of the world!
Post 04/09/2011
Mankind has always been fascinated by monsters. Mythologies from around the world include stories ... to strange and terrifying creatures, including the half-bull - half-man Minotaur of Greek myth, the living clay Golem of Jewish traditions, the United Kingdom and Elves of Chinese dragons. Although these creatures are obviously fantastic, just 1 or 2 centuries, the belief in monsters were commonplace.Modern monsters are not so fantastic and even though most people deny their existence, some are confident that unknown creatures inhabit the anoichtogalazi dot us. It seems that every few months, monsters of one kind or another are being news.Sometimes this is a new private blurry video in some form in the waters of Loch Ness, sometimes it is the picture of a hunter with a picture of Bigfoot. Whether there are monsters or not, the mystery will accompany us.
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