Friday 22 April 2011

Serpent of Silver lake. A hoax?

There are hoaxes and frauds in many fields, especially in the paranormal. One of them involved a cryptid, an unknown mysterious animal, sighted in Perry, New York. The Unique Serpent of Silver Lake was first seen on July 13th, 1885 by four fishermen who saw what they thought was a huge log – until it moved in a serpentine manner. Over a hundred people saw the serpent during the next several weeks. Hoards of people travelled to Silver Lake, hoping to see or kill it. The creature’s last appearance was in the late summer of 1885.
In 1857, there was a fire at A. B. Walker's hotel. Firemen found a contraption, about 60 feet long, made of waterproof canvas with coils inside with weights attached to it, a hose and large bellows to inflate it and ropes to move it, in the attic – the remains of the Silver Lake serpent.
Walker wanted to increase his hotel business, so he and friends created the serpent. After they were almost discovered with their contraption, they stored it in the hotel’s attic. Walker left Perry after the hoax was discovered. The townspeople of enjoyed the hoax. They decided to hold an annual Sea Serpent Balloon Festival that commemorates the “serpent.”

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