Friday 21 September 2012

Bigfoot sighted in Wisconsin?

Big Foot discovered in Wisconsin?
By Doug Hissom ·
The sheriff from a small Wisconsin county was investigating a possible Sasquatch (Big Foot) sighting earlier this month. A scared constituent called the report in, saying they saw a dark creature with fur all over standing along the ditch.Sheriff John Spears told the local press that the report came in from one person. “The person who called it in was driving down the road, and they saw what they described as a dark-haired… Sasquatch,”  Spears told the “It looked like it was hiding in the ditch line. When they went by, it jumped.”
Spears ordered his deputy to check out the incident but he found nothing.   The witness claimed, it was a “large figure, dark in color, black-brown in color, with no clothes and it looked like it was just fur,” Spears said.The person added,  “There’s no way it could have been a wolf,” Spears said.The report was one of 22 suspicious activity reports in the area including some peacock problems, he said. The department only confirmed two sightings of peacocks in Christiana.

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