Wednesday 5 September 2012

Sharks off Scotland

Stay away from the water... Tooth of a great white shark discovered off coast of Scotland gives more evidence that killer creatures like to visit UK
By Eddie Wrenn
Evidence that great white sharks used to roam the waters off Britain has been found - thanks to a huge tooth found embedded in a crab pot.Shark experts believe that the huge tooth found embedded in the rope of a crab pot off port of Gairloch in Western Scotland belonged to the Great White shark, the species popularised in the 1976 thriller Jaws.Richard Peirce, chairman of the Shark Conservation Society, said the latest discovery was the first conclusive evidence so far that great whites once patrolled the seas around the British Isles.The find was a made by two fishermen, who - recognising its possible significance - immediately sent images of the part fossilised tooth to the Cornwall-based society for verification.
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How long will it be before someone suggests that this is the explanation for the Loch Ness creature? Sceptics will jump on anything to debunk Nessie lol.


Glasgow Boy said...

David Murray Rose in a letter to the Scotsman in 1934 was possibly the first to suggest the LNM was a shark based on recent sightings of sharks in the Moray Firth.

Anonymous said...

Was told by a wildlife expert some years ago now that Great Whites do visit British waters.