Tuesday 5 February 2013

more on Yeti DNA and new fish discovered

Russian Bigfoot DNA Analyzed By Scientists: Yeti Or Yogi?
Bigfoot DNA is in the news again. Over the last three years, the Russian Bigfoot, or Yeti, was claimed to be a “towering, long-haired beast roaming the Mount Shoria region of southern Russia.” This potential Bigfoot has left clumps of hair in caves that scientists have just now analyzed.Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford’s Wolfson Institute has led a global genetics project to test hair samples from possible Bigfoots. Professor Sykes told The Sun what he thought about this Bigfoot DNA:

New species of fish discovered in ocean trench near NZ
By James Ihaka
An expedition to one of the deepest ocean trenches has discovered a new species of fish and another not previously caught in the southwest Pacific, giving scientists a better understanding of biodiversity in the deep seas around New Zealand. Niwa scientists working with colleagues from the University of Aberdeen and Te Papa Museum discovered a new species of eelpout and new records of a rattail fish that has not previously been caught in the southwest Pacific on a recent voyage to the Kermadec Trench.They also found a rattail that has not been caught in New Zealand waters for more than 100 years, a large deep-sea cusk eel and large numbers of amphipods, such as marine sand-hoppers.

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