Saturday 2 February 2013

News of the Russian Loch Ness creature

First-ever dive into mysterious 'Russian Loch Ness' in one of Earth’s Poles of Cold (PHOTOS)
Russian researchers have reached the bottom of Labynkyr, one of the coldest lakes on Earth, popularly known as the Russian Loch Ness for the legend of it being inhabited by a cryptozoological monster. Guinness World Records took note of unique dive.

Russian scientists say they discover jaws and skeleton of ‘Siberian Loch Ness monster' deep down remote lake’s waters
Extract: According to members of the team, the expedition’s aim was to take video footage of the lakes’ bottom and collect samples of water, flora and fauna.Moreover, according to the scientists, with the help of an underwater scanner they discovered jaws and skeletal remains of a large animal.
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