Monday 26 August 2013

A busy day at Loch Ness in 1975

It was a busy day on Loch Ness in July 1975 , one person saw the Loch Ness Creature 4 times and filmed it at least once.
On the 18th of July 1975, Alan Wilkins was on holiday with his family at   a caravan site at Rubha Ban, near Invermoriston.
Wilkins, a teacher, and his son were scanning the loch at 7:20 am when they saw  a black shape appear and disappear several times .They were one and half miles south of Invermoriston . They  estimated the shape was 20 feet( 6.6metres) long and showed about 2 feet (0 .6 metre)out of water. It then disappeared and  left  a swirl of water behind

At 10:12am , the same teacher and his wife, photographed three large triangular humps in same area.. The humps disappeared on the  approach of a  motorboat. He at first thought it a black rubber boat with an outboard racing across the Loch, but then his wife pointed out the one hump had become 3.Others watching agreed there were 3 triangular humps in the water . Wilkins filmed the  object using his 16mm camera which  was fitted with a 300mm lens.

At 9:25 p.m,From the same position  Wilkins and several people saw a black spot emerging from the water and forming two humps.The  water seemed to be boiling around it.Some watchers  said it looked like a whale rolling in the water . Then it disappeared

At 10.25pm one of the group of watchers including Wilkins ,saw 3 closely spaced humps about 4 feet(1.3metres) high moving out of Invermoriston Bay about a mile away. The humps now being watched by  several others . They reported the humps altered from 2 to 3 humps several times and then they disappeared.

So what can we  make of this? Putting the sceptics’ argument first. The third  sighting of the water boiling could have been some volcanic eruption from the Loch’s Basin, it is known to happen occasionally and it does throw up debris. There has been minor volcanic activity recorded around the Loch for about 150 years . The second and fourth sightings could have been boat wakes.. As there had been that first sighting that morning people were expecting to see something so that could also be a factor.
The first sighting however is not so easily dismissed. There were no boats around and the way it appeared and disappeared suggest an animate object. What do you think, is it possible to see a cryptid 4 times in one day or after the first sighting does the mind play tricks?

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