Thursday 1 August 2013

dinosaurs brains larger than first thought

Feathered dinosaurs had 'flight-ready' brains
By Melissa Hogenboom
Several ancient dinosaurs evolved the brainpower needed for flight long before they could take to the skies, scientists say.Non-avian dinosaurs were found to have "bird brains", larger than that of Archaeopteryx, a 150 million-year-old bird-like dinosaur.Once regarded as a unique transition between dinosaurs and birds, scientists say Archaeopteryx has now lost its pivotal place.
The study is published in Nature
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Unknown said...

Good morning, i'm a french student - and writer. I wanted to know if you're agree to I translate your articles? I wanted to create a blog of cryptozoology with a lot of articles of scientist and amateurs.
Thank you for reading.
Paolo Dias Fernandes.

Tabitca said...

I am quite happy for you to use anything from the blog as long as you state where it has come from :
It is in breach of copyright law not to say where you have taken articles/ posts from so make sure you do it for everything you post. good luck with the blog.