Thursday, 19 February 2015

Giant Lemurs and seadragon discoveries.

Graveyard of Giant Lemurs Discovered Underwater in Madagascar
Bones found deep inside a cave offer an unprecedented look at the ancient primates, some as big as gorillas.
By Brian Switek for National Geographic Published February 17, 2015
Deep below the surface of a water-filled cave in Madagascar, divers and paleontologists have uncovered a boneyard full of extinct giant lemurs. Hundreds of bones dot the silty bottom of Aven Cave in Tsimanampetsotse National Park. The remains include exotic species such as the extinct elephant bird, a flightless giant similar to an ostrich, but the most numerous bones are from long-lost giant lemurs.The largest of the extinct lemurs were as big as gorillas, and paleontologists sometimes refer to the different types as sloth lemurs, koala lemurs, and monkey lemurs to describe their different lifestyles and the living animals they most closely resemble. Sometime between 2,000 and 500 years ago, all these giants disappeared, possibly at the hands of humans.
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As they disappeared so recently could there be remnants still around? Perhaps mistaken for a Bigfoot?There have been rumours for many years that they still exist.

Meet a newly discovered aquatic species, the ruby seadragon
It might sound like a mythical creature, but researchers have proven that the ruby seadragon is very real indeed.
    by Michael Franco
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