Friday 15 January 2016

Barmouth Monster photographed?

Stunned residents spot mysterious creature in estuary
Sunday, 3 January 2016 By Mike Lewis in Local People
STUNNED residents of Aberaeron are wondering if the Barmouth Monster – that fabled creature of the 1970s – has reappeared much further south.The monster made national headlines in the summer of 1975 after a group of schoolchildren reportedly saw an unidentified creature on Barmouth’s vast beach.The frightened kids ran off to get help and came across a patrolling policeman who followed them back to the sand dunes just in time to see the beast submerging into the sea.
Now Llanarth pensioner Mohammad Tahla has produced a curious photo (above) of a monster-like shape he recently spotted in the estuary of the River Aeron.Inevitably it has sparked speculation that the Barmouth Monster has migrated south.
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The photo looks like a fin of a mammal perhaps a dolphin or whale but you must draw your own conclusions.
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