Saturday 16 January 2016

new discovery of ancient marine creature fossils

The largest ever sea-dwelling crocodile has been uncovered in Tunisia. It was longer than a great white shark and its skull was as big as a person
By Melissa Hogenboom 14 January 2016
A new species of a marine-dwelling crocodile has been discovered in Tunisia in northern Africa.It lived about 130 million years ago, at the start of a period called the Cretaceous. At the time dinosaurs dominated the land and huge reptiles ruled the seas.The beast has been given the appropriate moniker Machimosaurus rex, which translates as "fighting lizard-king". It was over 30ft (10m) long, about the size of a large bus. Its skull alone was over 5ft (1.6m) long.

Whenever there are new discoveries it means there is more to discover which gives hope to the idea of cryptids being discovered.

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