Friday 26 July 2019

Nessie and the Weather

About twenty years ago I got hold of the weather records for the Loch Ness area going back to before the 1940s. Where or how I got them I can't remember or what happened to them .
As it was often said that Nessie sightings took place on warm still days so  I thought I would see if it was true. It could be useful to know when monster hunting.What I did find was that whenever there had been a bad winter there were more sightings at Loch Ness in the following spring and summer.
(Recent freaky weather caused by Global Warming means this is probably no longer relevant but I did come to some conclusions. )

1) The simplest conclusion was that after being stuck indoors all winter,more people were out and about so more sightings happened.
 2) After a hard winter most animals would be a bit lean and need to start storing fat for next winter so would be out foraging more for food and be seen.
3) If cold blooded the warmth of the sun would attract a creature to the surface like the lizards I find sunbathing on my wall in the summer.
4) The affect of warmer conditions on the Loch after a very cold winter caused apparitions to appear there and they were being  seen .

So it would be normal animal behaviour that brought a creature to the surface and more visitors to the Loch would mean more sightings .
 So what do you think ? Is Nessie a creature with  normal behaviour patterns or  an apparition caused by warm weather conditions at the Loch? (As some Nessie sightings have taken place in winter months number 4 may be seen as rubbish by some but there could be a creature and apparitions caused by weather conditions so it cannot be ruled out) .

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