Wednesday 24 July 2019

New Sonar Reading Showing Nessie?

 LOCH SHOCK Loch Ness boat skipper claims he’s finally found Nessie as sonar image shows ‘25ft monster lurking beneath waves’
Emily Prescott 23 Jul 2019, 12:44
A BOAT skipper claims he's finally found the Loch Ness Monster lurking beneath the waves in Scotland. Mike Bell captured the remarkable sonar image which he reckons shows 25ft-long Nessie. The sonar pictur, taken while he was taking a group of tourists for a trip on Loch Ness on June 27, shows the bottom of the loch, a fish and a long, thin object about 115ft below the surface.
But when the 24-year-old skipper took readings at the same spot the mystery object had vanished.Mike, from nearby Drumnadrochit, said: “I would like to think this is our creature, Nessie."It’s my first year being the skipper in the boat in five months and I’ve never seen it or had something that big on the sonar.
“My dad is the more experienced skipper who has been doing this for a few years and has said he’s never seen it that big before on the sonar. It’s my first sighting of Nessie and I think my dad is a wee bit jealous as he has never seen it.The standard size on the sonar is usually a sharp prick suggesting a small fish. The large line about 35 metres in the water was about 10-25 feet.An object of that size I would think is way too big for the normal species in the loch. It must have been about five or six minutes we spent trying to pick up this creature again.”

Sceptics will see it as  a hoax for building the  tourist trade. I wonder if any other boats picked up any anomalous readings that day ,as that would show something was going on beneath the waves.More evidence would help.

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