Friday 8 November 2019

Could stories of Trolls be sightings of Yeti or Bigfoot

Troll or Yeti?
IN  Old Norse troll variously means fiend, demon or  werewolf. Numerous stories have been written  about trolls in which they are described as being extremely old, very strong, but slow and dim-witted, and are at times described as man-eaters and as turning to stone upon contact with sunlight.A belief that lightning frightens away trolls appears in numerous Scandinavian folktales, and may be  from stories about Thor's fights with  such creatures.
So Trolls are basically humanoid creatures who dwell deep in the wilderness of Scandinavia. Their appearance ranges from the gigantic monster to eccentric wild man. They are almost all unfriendly, no matter how  they appear. Scandinavian folklore introduces two kinds of Trolls: the giants (often called jontar) and the little folk (often called huldrefolk).
The jotnar, are giants ,some like Cyclops with one eye ,others so old and stone like that plants live on them. The huldrefolk are much more attractive  than their giant relatives. They can be mistaken for humans but  their tails give them away. All trolls like to  isolate themselves from human civilization, preferring to live in caves or murky forests where humans appear only rarely. It is said that some Trolls support themselves by hunting or farming, but most are known for waylaying  travellers, stealing their valuables, and perhaps even eating them.
So could trolls have existed? There are tales of a Scandinavian yeti or bigfoot.(see link below)

The legends about trolls might indicate a long history of sightings. There has been a small number of reports from Sweden and Norway. A type of wildman, the Snömannen or bigfoot purportedly inhabits northern Scandinavia in Lapland and the arctic regions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It is described as a dark, ape-like creature covered in thick, dirty, stinky hair. The face is broad with prominent brow ridges, nose pressed flat, with a mouth that juts out from a huge jaw.(Sound familiar?).
Trolls behaviour is typical of a yeti or bigfoot, isolating themselves from humans ,living in remote areas,being aggressive towards humans..Could the stories be about eye witness sightings of a yeti or bigfoot. Read the article and decide for yourselves.

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