Friday 22 November 2019

Giant Snakes in the News

Recently stories have been appearing about giant snake remains found after the Indonesian wild fires have passed over areas of jungle. The wild fires have been devastating for wildlife and humans alike.
Gigantic Python Allegedly Burnt To Death In Kalimantan Forest Fire
The recent forest fires in Indonesia have caused Singapore to be shrouded in a choking shroud of haze.While the haze may smell foul and even cause irritation, we often forget that us humans aren’t the only ones affected by the fire. Lots of animals have lost their homes, and some have even died.On Sunday (15 Sep), a Facebook user named Johan Michael Median Pasha uploaded what appears to be a massive python found in a Kalimantan forest charred beyond recognition.According to a non-profit animal welfare foundation Garda Satwa Foundation, this particular python species is known as the ‘Indonesian Anaconda.’According to Johan, the snake in the picture is a King Python. Locals call it the “Tangkaluk”, which translates to the King of Snakes.Johan wrote in the Facebook post that he has always been curious about the massive serpent, but had never seen one in person before.At one point, he thought that the elusive Tangkaluk was a creature only seen in myths and legends.
Its not the first time large snakes have been in the news in Indonesia.
An Indonesian woman has been killed and swallowed whole by a 7m (23ft) long python, say local authorities.
Though such incidents are incredibly rare, this was the second python death reported in Indonesia in just over a year.The python in Sulawesi is believed to have been a reticulated python.
They can reach lengths of more than 10m (32ft) and are very powerful. They attack in an ambush, wrapping themselves around their prey and crushing it - squeezing tighter as the victim exhales.

All this lends some credence to the stories of giant snakes in other parts of the world such as the Sucuriju Gigante.
Sucuriju Gigante (means giant Anaconda), is said to be giant snake, that controls the rivers it lives in. There are ancient tales that say it made the Amazon River. Since the discovery of the fossils of Gigantophis garstini, a large snake from the Priabonian age of the Eocene ( about 30 million years ago)that could reach 33 feet (11 metres) in length, and the more recently discovered fossils of Titanoboa cerrejonensis( from about 50-60million years ago) that reached 43 feet (14 metres) , there has been some speculation it could actually exist and be an ancestor of the prehistoric creature. There have been supposed sightings of giant snakes in South America for many years .
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