Wednesday 16 September 2020

Sea Serpent Sighting from 1965


Strange Creature Sighted on West Coast of Scotland.

Mrs Lilian Howe wrote to Tim Dinsdale about a  sighting of a strange creature off  Mingamy Pier ,Kilchoan Ardnamurchan on 21st June 1965  .Three people ,her husband,her  cousin and herself saw something about 100 yards off shore.It  looked like two humps that could be one creature moving through the water . Her husband looked through his binoculars and could see huge shape about 40 feet long.At  first he  thought it was a submarine but then he  saw legs or flippers moving at side of body causing turbulence in the water. He had seen basking sharks and other large sea creatures before but this was nothing like anything he had ever seen.

There were no other reports at the time but I came across this newspaper report  from May 1895.A similar time of year which may be significant.(if you click on it ,it should enlarge for reading easier).

Again it was someone who knew the sea and would recognise known creatures .It could be the same creature ,as sharks and whales have been known to live over 100 years. Maybe it comes back to the area for a reason; to look for a mate or to feed .It will be interesting to see if any other reports surface,or if any other  large creature is seen in the same place that could be mistaken identity.

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