Monday 29 November 2021

Australian Dogman or Yowie?


Man claims he was stalked by terrifying ‘dog man’ monster in Australian outback

A man has bizarrely claimed he was stalked by a terrifying “dog man” monster in the Australian outback – and even says he has picture “proof”.

The fisherman, called John, wildly claims he was left “petrified for a month” after encountering the supposed “half-dog, half-human creature” on two separate occasions.

Speaking on the Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast, the Aussie insisted he was “followed” by what he has branded a “dog man” – and claims he “thought he was going to be killed”.

John was fishing from his kayak on Boxing Day last year when he says the first incident happened.“I noticed that every time I took a stroke with the paddle of my kayak, whatever this thing was, it was taking a stride to each paddle I was taking,” he said.I stopped for a bit and the sound stopped in the bush too, and I thought it was a bit odd.“So I took off paddling again, and sure enough as soon as I started to paddle every stroke, this thing would take a step.So whatever it was, this thing was following me, it wasn’t a coincidence or anything. It was more of a stalk.”

Freaked out, John took a snap and claims he captured the “dog man” on camera.

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 There is not a great deal of history of dogmen or wolf men but there is the Yowie or monster men of Australia.

“Within a period of five months beginning in late 1977 five separate yowie incidents were reported in or near Lamington National park in southeast Queensland.”

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The photo is blurry and could be  a hoax or maybe its not a dogmen but a Yowie.What do you think? If you are aware of other sightings of this creature please post in the comments.

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