Monday 15 November 2021

Pollution Squid ?


The Oil Pit Squid

Can creatures survive in Industrial waste? The strange story of the oil pit squid suggests they might.

The story goes that workers cleaning out a sludge pit at GMC Delphi Interior and Lighting plant (Plant 9) in Anderson Indiana in 1996, found  greyish-red, tentacled creatures about an inch (2.5 cms) in diameter and 6-8 inches (15-20cms) long living in a mixture  of oil, antifreeze, and chemicals left from manufacturing car parts. They had one eye with  an eyelid.One was said to have been killed and placed in a jar to be sent for examination but the jar disappeared leaving no evidence.

Sharon Morton, spokeswoman for the GMC Delphi Interior and Lighting Plant Number 9 said in a statement that what workers found in the pit was a bacterial growth that formed when organic matter was placed in freshwater. The cause of this, according to Morton, was a broken sprinkler line nearby that allowed freshwater to seep into the emulsion pit. No more were found.

Is it possible that the jar disappeared to hide the evidence or was it a hoax? There have been fish that have adapted to living in polluted waters so it could be possible .What do you think.

You can read more here:

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